Used material

We are very careful when choosing the material for our products. We test the materials ourselves and maybe that's why it sometimes takes a little longer to launch a new product. But we think it's more important to test everything properly to see how the material works, how it behaves and whether it can function for a long time in the way we imagine for our product. We also want to contribute to the environment and make sure that our products can be used for a long time without having to replace them soon. It is more important for us to invest time in these tests and product development than to produce dozens of new products without checking their quality.

Merino headbands


high quality functional knit for warmth and pleasant wearing comfort


Highest quality merino wool


high quality functional knit for warmth and pleasant wearing comfort


Highest quality merino wool


The yarn for our headbands comes from sheep from South America and is "mulesing free". 100% merino wool is obtained from wild sheep. The wool is GOTS certified and comes from species-appropriate farming. We are sure that the sheep have not suffered during shearing.

The yarn is also Oeko-Tex® Standard 100, Class I certified.

This means that the yarn has been tested and found to be completely free of dangerous and harmful chemicals and people can use it without fear. Class I is the highest level of certification that guarantees the safety of this yarn and its suitability for products for babies and young children (0-3 years).

The material that we sew into the headband is worth gold

The inside of the merino headband is hand lined with premium functional knit. This material is made in Italy, a mecca for quality (not only) sports materials.

The fibers of our knit are much softer than most polyester fibers and are a real balm even for sensitive skin.  The knit is incredibly soft, with a gently brushed inner surface, making it slightly warmer and more comfortable than any other knit.

When it comes to materials, we couldn't have chosen anything better.  Both materials are top quality on the market.


How to care for knitted merino headbands?

The wool from which we knit the headbands is treated with Superwash. This means that it can be washed in a washing machine with a gentle programme. However, we recommend that you only wash the headband gently by hand.  In addition, we have some advice from the wool manufacturer on how to care for this material.

  • You can add a small amount of washing detergent (without enzymes, bleaches and brighteners).
  • NEVER use fabric softener or other softening agents for wool products (wool fibers become too soft and may disintegrate).
  • NEVER leave products in water and soak too much!
  • NEVER dry hanging - instead spread the product out on a mat, carefully shape and let dry.

ACTIVE headbands

běžecká čelenka do chladnějšího počasí


The material for these headbands comes from the European Union, especially Italy. It is a mixture of polyester and elastane.

We have chosen a material that is breathable, yet windproof. It is flexible in all four sides, so it fits perfectly to the head. It is important that this material also keeps its shape. So it can not happen that the headband looks unsightly during normal, gentle handling.

The material is absorbent and thanks to the combed inside it is very comfortable to wear. The headband is sewn on the back with a flat seam so that it does not interfere and wearing is as comfortable as possible.

We recommend wearing these headbands in colder weather. For the warm temperatures we have better products on offer!