Information about headbands

What's so great about our hair and headbands?

The best thing about them is that they are beautiful, stay exactly where they are supposed to on your head, and are comfortable - they don't pull, they don't pinch, and they are lightweight. To find out how, check out our article on hairband that lasts.

How do I put on the headband correctly?

Detailed information on how to wear different types of headbands can be found with each individual product. In general, an adjustable hairband should be loose on the hair and not too tight. Wide headbands belong on the forehead - they absorb moisture and do not slip. If the headband presses on your head, doesn't fit well, or the back shifts, the headband is probably too tight. If the headband falls off your head (even though it sits loosely on your head), it's too small for you - contact us and we can advise you or adjust the headband so that it fits you well.

What does the brand name BJEŽ mean?

BJEŽ name originated from the combination of the first and last name of our founder Bětka Ježková. And it also sounds like "run" in Czech, which is our favorite word. Read more about the history of BJEŽ.

Are BJEŽ headbands only suitable for running?

Of course not, you can wear them for almost any activity you can think of (as for land activities, we haven't tested them in the water yet). We've found them to be great for running, biking, inline skating, hiking, walking, frisbee, volleyball, lacrosse, floorball, handball, and many other sports. But we also wear them to work, school, clubs, parties and dances, or just at home in our free time. They almost always have a use.

What are the dimensions of the headbands?

We offer several types of hairbands and headbands, and each is a little different.

  width circumference
Hairbands STYLE 2,5 cm 49–73 cm (adjustable with sliding buckle)
Hairbands SINGLE 1 cm 49–73 cm (adjustable with sliding buckle)
Headbands DROP 8 cm 46 cm
Headbands DROP 5 5 cm 46 cm
Headbands ACTIVE - UNI 9 cm 46 cm
Headbands ACTIVE - S 7 cm 44 cm
knitted Headbands MERINO 10 cm 44-46 cm

Are headbands also suitable for children?

Our adjustable hairbands STYLE and SINGLE fit children from about 4 years thanks to the sliding elastic band. The wide headbands are also very adaptable thanks to the elastic material, but we also produce the size S, which is more suitable for a smaller head circumference.

What material are headbands made of and how should I care for them?

The adjustable hairbands are made of polyester, the sliding elastic band is made of elastane and silicone. For the wide summer headbands we have chosen a combination of micro-polyester and elastomer, which is breathable and wicks away moisture in the best possible way. The winter headbands are made of polyester and elastane and brushed on the inside to keep you warm as long as possible. All headbands except the glitter headbands can be rinsed in lukewarm water if needed, or washed in the washing machine on the gentle cycle, but without fabric softener. The glitter hairbands should be treated with special care and only very carefully rinsed by hand. Details about each headband can be found at the respective product.

Can you make me a headband with my own design?

Yes, we can also make a hairband or headband with your own design for you. Individual designs can be ordered from 22 pieces of hairbands and headbands (STYLE and wide variants), neckwarmers or caps. It always refers to an identical design and color scheme. You can find more information about this ordering option here.

Can you make headbands for our sports, corporate or other team?

Yes, with pleasure we can make hairbands and headbands for your team or club. The price depends on the total quantity ordered, if we produce more than 30 pieces we will make a free graphic design. You can find most of the information in our instructions, including inspiration. For more information you can contact us directly at hello@bjez.eu.


Payment and shipping information

How can I pay for my order?

You can conveniently pay your order online by card or by bank transfer to our bank account.

Information about your order

How long does it take to process an order?

Packages are usually shipped on the same day as the order, provided that your ordered products are in stock. If this is not the case, we will contact you to discuss the further procedure (you can either choose another design or wait for the one you have chosen). Delivery time is usually between 2 to 4 days, depending on the choice of shipping company. During the Christmas season the delivery time can be longer, we will always inform you about the current situation on the main page of the online store.



Can I return the product? What if my headband does not fit properly?

If your headband is too small, too big, or just doesn't fit you, which can happen in rare cases, we'll be happy to customize it for you at no charge. Contact us to discuss the details. Of course, you can also return items purchased in the online store within 14 days. However, the goods must not be used, damaged, etc. Send the package to BJEŽ, Mladoboleslavská 958, 197 00 Prague 9 - Kbely, Czech Republic. For more information, see the Terms and Conditions in the footer of the website.

Do you have another question?

Do not hesitate and get in touch! We are happy about every e-mail and call and will be happy to help you.