BJEŽ: not only a sporty headband that does not slip

Sporty, casual, elegant and festive - these are the hair and headbands from BJEŽ. We make them for you in a wide variety of styles: from narrow to wide, adjustable or elastic, colorful, glittery or inconspicuous. So that each of you will find just the right thing.

Although most of our headbands are designed for female, we do not forget about men - for example, wide ACTIVE headbands warm each ear! And children are not left out either.

BJEŽ is the solution you have been looking for so long. The hairband stays in place, does not slip and fulfills its purpose 100%.

bjež s kamarády ven

How come the style hairband does not slip?


Adjustable hairband is made of soft polyester material, but other materials are used on the hairband. Thanks to this and thanks to the design technology, the hairband stays so in place. The materials are light, comfortable to wear, do not press and ensure 100% reliability of the hairband in all your activities.

Wide headbands are made of different materials depending on the variant - winter or summer. You can find the exact specifications at the respective headbands.



The adjustable hairbands have a variable circumference, so they really fit everyone - even children from about 4 years. The adjustability is very important because the hairband fits best when it is loose on your head. If you wear the hairband too tight, it won't be comfortable for you and it will also slip back. If this is your case, loosen the hairband a little.

If the STYLE hairband will be worn by a smaller child or man, please add the head circumference (from exactly where the hairband will be worn) in the order notes. We will make sure that a 100% fitting hairband will be delivered.

If you feel that your adjustable hairband doesn't fit you, contact us and we will make it smaller or larger, or simply adjust it for you free of charge so that nothing gets in the way of your satisfaction. We believe in our hairbands, we know they work, and we want to do everything to make sure you are happy with them. However, we can only make adjustments to STYLE models. Unfortunately, this service does not apply to the wide summer or winter versions, which are elastic, so in 99% of cases they fit everyone.



We care about the look of our hairbands and headbands, so we are constantly adding new ones, keeping some popular designs and removing older models from sale. Overall, we do everything we can to make sure that everyone can find their dream headband. We also try to respond to your requests, so if you have an idea, bring it on!

You want an individual hairband or headband with your own design for your team or club? No problem! We can also make team headbands exactly according to your wishes - with your logo, team colors, motto, etc. The only condition is a minimum order quantity of 6 pieces. Want to know more about custom manufacturing? Here you can find all the info.


Care of the hair and headband

The hair and headbands are made of very fine material, so we recommend rinsing them only in lukewarm water if necessary. Occasionally they can be washed in the washing machine on the gentle cycle, but definitely do not use fabric softener. Do not wash them too often.

The knitted headband should be washed only by hand, without using fabric softener or other softening products. It should be dried freely and not folded, preferably in an airy place.


And what else?

There is one more important thing about BJEŽ headbands. They are handmade in the EU, in the Czech Republic, which is the case for all our collections and also for the customized headbands. We could produce overseas for a fraction of the price, but we are happy that we can produce sustainably and give jobs to people in the region, and that is incredibly fun and drives us.


We thank all our customers and fans for being with us and support. We really appreciate it!


Thanks to the support of the Central Bohemia Innovation Center, we can expand our activities and offer our products all over the world. Thank you very much!